Monday, November 12, 2012

Dead before dawn 2012 3D

 Some distribution news for two much talked about horror films has come out of the Toronto International Film Festival, and we've got the word on each for you right here. Good things are coming, kids. Read on for details.
The international sales rights to Makinov’s Come Out and Play, his remake of the classic Who Can Kill a Child?, has been purchased by Celsius.
Vinessa Shaw, Ebon Moss and Daniel Gimenez Cacho star. Here's the synopsis: Beth and Francis vacation before the birth of their child. Francis insists on venturing to a more serene island, and Beth hesitantly agrees. They set out to a beautiful island but soon discover it’s mysteriously abandoned, and the only people on the island are children. Beth and Francis are left to uncover the mystery of the disappearances, and a day in paradise quickly turns into a struggle for survival.
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